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Your so hot jeremy team shada hahahahhaha

I’m not Jeremy Shada

I haven’t been on here for months. Wow. Hi everyone! Evidently, school’s been busy.

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You were on the couch listening to music and watching TV. You were bored out of your mind, just at your boyfriend, Jeremy Shada’s place. He was taking a shower, more like a bath since he was taking so long. You finally hear footsteps on the stairs seeing him only wearing a towel around his waist,…

Please put this under a read more. A lot of people that are active in the tag aren’t comfortable with this, especially considering the fact that he is under age and a lot of his fans are much younger than him.

Hey, guys! I’m flying into Toronto tomorrow for 3 days to obtain my American citizenship, and celebrate my birthday on the 28th, so I won’t be on for a long time (I have tons to do the 4 days after I return, as well). I’ll see you all when I have some extra time though! Have a good memorial day weekend! :)

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I’d really love it if people would stop posting in the tag to ask Slim Shadas to ‘fill up’ their ask boxes. That tag is about Jeremy, not you. Also, people will ‘fill up’ your ask box if they need to ask you something. They won’t ask you questions because  you want them to. And even if they do, they’ll be boring questions because they were put on the spot.

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I’m the same height as Rapunzel ^.^

I’m the same height as RAPUNZEL AND MERIDA!!!! WOWOWOWO

So I am as tall as Ariel, Giselle, and Quasi…

^ Same.

I’m the same height as Cinderella!


(◡‿◡✿)Jeremy Shada Blog!(◕‿◕✿)

(credit to incred-crew for the jer gif)

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Looks like the alternate covers for Candy Capers #2 are out, so I can finally show this off! Peppermint Butler is one of my favorite characters ;o;